Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hummingbird Order

Hi Mamas:

We are placing our next Hummingbird orders on the 13th! If you can post some preliminary thoughts on what you might order in the comments section here, we can begin to figure out who might be sharing what.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


  1. We are thinking of ordering red lentils, and possibly some brown jasmine or medium grain rice. I have to compare prices on the rice, but the lentils are way cheaper than even the sale price ($2.50/lb) at Capella! (I was so wrong about the cost earlier, Heather!) How about everyone else?

  2. I'd like to share:

    red lentils (Emily?)
    rice (Emily? Shannon?)
    possibly oat groats (anyone?)

  3. i need rice, rolled oats, raisons, quinoa, olive oil, filberts or almonds...and if anyone wants to go in on almond butter, i might take that leap.

  4. Shannon, you could buy olive oil from me at the 35 lb price if you like. We still have plenty from last month! We also have some rolled oats left.

    I would go in on red lentils with you, Heather. I still need to do some price comparisons and talking with my fella about the rice we'd buy.

  5. Shannon, seems like we are on the same page again...I also need rolled oats, filberts or almonds and/or almond butter. What kind of almonds would you prefer to buy? IPM-H20 pasteurized is the least expensive (3.90/lb), but I could be talked into splurging for the OG raw as well(5.60/lb)...both are from CA.

    Heather, I have some oat groats left; I would be happy to share if you'd like.

    Also, if anyone is interested, I would like to stock up on tamari and balsamic vinegar as well.