Saturday, February 13, 2010

What can we have for snack?

Here's the list of snack ideas generated at our first meeting (at least, what I wrote down). If you have ideas to add to this list, you can either email me and I'll edit this post, or you could create your own post and include a link to this one in it.
  • popcorn (popped in coconut oil with spirulina and brewer's yeast)
  • almond butter on nori
  • "energy balls" of raw cocoa powder, date paste, nuts/ nut butter, seeds, spirulina, etc.
  • fried mush (leftover porridge plus egg, fried like a pancake)
  • nuts and dried fruit (offer nuts second to help get fruit off teeth)
  • celery sticks with cream cheese/ nut butter/ ants on a log
  • stuffed dates
  • lettuce wraps
  • leftover roasted veggies dipped in bean dip, etc.
  • mochi
  • thin sliced taters/ sweet taters, baked
  • parmesan melted on whatever healthy treat
  • homemade crackers from the nourishing traditions cookbook, dipped in bean dip, etc.
  • avocado cocoa powder pudding

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  1. Please tell me what avocado cocoa powder pudding is!!