Monday, June 14, 2010

June Hummingbird Order

Hi Mamas:

Please post about items you are planning to order this month below. It's helpful if you can indicate whether you are interested in sharing, as well. Thanks!


  1. We'd like to order some OG small white beans, either navy or cannellini. We're totally loving our baked beans right now!

    I'm also planning to order 50 lbs. of OG red winter wheat berries from Azure. (I'm going to wait on mixing a bulk chicken feed until we have our chickens a little bigger, so this order is just for making flour.) Anyone else interested?

    I'm also ordering a gallon of honey from a beekeeping friend. Let me know if you're interested.

  2. Oops! I forgot to say that we'd be happy to share small amounts of beans (5 lbs?) or large amounts of wheat berries. I would also buy a separate volume of honey for anyone interested.

  3. Emily- How much is the honey by the quart or 1/2 gallon?

  4. Hi-

    I would love to share 5lbs of any type of beans. Anybody want to share some cinnamon? I am need of a jar of coconut oil if anyone has one...I don't think I need a case. I am also interested in some honey Emily-yummmmm!

  5. i too am interested in honey. i am also interested in:
    mango, raisins, almonds

    also, are we meeting this month at leslie's?? did we confirm a date?

  6. the mango is supposed to be back, fillet-style, in july. otherwise, i think i'm good at the moment on hummingbird items - perhaps could split quinoa, as my 6.25 lbs. from last time hasn't gone too far. let's see what everyone is ordering and if we need to add items to reach $150 then i'm sure i can come up with something :) thanks all. oh, and i'm in for last saturday of june at leslie's if that works for everyone else. amy

  7. Hi, gals. My plan is to think about this order during nap today, as my larger bulk items are still inaccessible (which means I probably haven't gone through them and don't need much).

    I did want to ask what the non-fillet style mangos are like. If they're smaller and wouldn't need to be chopped to put in oatmeal, I'm game, as that's one way my family really likes them. Or do you want to hold out until July, Shannon?

  8. Shannon, do you want to share some mangos or wait until the fillets come in?

    I should be in for the last saturday at leslie's -- no known conflicts. I have to check with Ry. Next time I can host!

    Will look at the price list over naptime and see if we need anything else.

    Hugs and excited to see you all soon (finally)!!

  9. Whew! It has been hard to get to the computer lately! Thanks for your patience while I researched the honey question.

    My friend (Phillip of Blessed Bee at the market) is selling his raw, unfiltered, local honey at $50 per gallon. However, he just informed me that this is a pretty bad year for his honey production, so he is only able to sell me one gallon. I would happily keep half or a third of that gallon and split the rest with you mamas (Heather, Shannon, and Krista, right?).

    Now our bean plans! We will buy a bag of cannellini beans. Would you like some, Krista?

    I'm looking at our totals here and thinking about what is confirmed vs. which items people are considering only if they can split with another buyer. Shannon, are you planning to purchase almonds, raisins, or mangoes for certain?

    I'll copy this message and email it out to everyone. Hope that's okay!

    I'm in for the 26th at Leslie's, though I may be late. We are doing another gathering in the afternoon/early evening. I'm looking forward to catching up with you all!

  10. I still have 2 quarts of Ryan's honey so I'll wait and order through Hummingbird later.

    I've looked through my pantry, and with the move and my being out of town for 10 days I have a lot of food to work through!

    I'll get mangos, either 5 lbs if Shannon doesn't split, or 2.5 if she does. Hate to buy fruit from afar as we near fruit season, but if that will get my man on the oatmeal wagon and off the cereal train, it's worth it!

    Hope that helps us meet our minimum. Emily please be in touch with our total and let us know if we need to stock up on some things. Thanks for organizing!

  11. Hi ladies and hello sunshine:)

    I would love to go in on 5lbs of beans Emily and would like some honey when that works out for you. I think that is all I need right now. I can't make it on the 26th--we will be in Idaho but as always looking forward to the next time to be with you mamas!!!

  12. since no one has said yes to quinoa, please nix that from the order. i'll get:
    5 lbs. of shredded coconut, F160
    anyone want to split 5 lbs. of SP125 Himalayan Salt?

    i'd use 5 lbs. of your beans, emily, if those are available, as well.