Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy July Hummingbird Order

Hello, ladies.

To start my July Hummingbird list:

Filberts in shells (that would be N181, right?). I think they divide up nuts, so I could order as little as 5 lbs (anyone have any idea the volume that would be?) and I'd love to share and get less. Emily, do you know where I can get one of the wooden nut crackers with mallet or did your hubby make that?

More to come...



  1. we are in need of:
    honey - emily, any word on the honey from your friend?
    some sort of white bean - cannelini?
    dates - to split
    couple jars of almond butter
    all for

  2. We are in need of coconut oil.
    Anyone want to share? A case is too much for us.

    then the honey.....

    I think that is it for now.

    Looked for folks at the fair and sad to miss ice cream.

    much love

    p.s. we are loving the wintergreen farm!!!!

  3. Howdy,

    We are in need of olive oil,
    sushi rice,
    and brown short grain rice


  4. Hi Mamas:

    We are planning to order a 2 lb jar of OG unrefined coconut oil and a gallon of the Biokleen all purpose cleaner. We would also like between 5 and 15 lbs of OG hulled sunflower seeds. Anyone want to split a bag of sunflower seeds? They come in 25 lb bags for $47.25 ($1.89 per lb).

    Krista emailed me with a great question. She wanted to know if you can order individual jars of coconut oil. You can order jars individually, in either 1 or 2 lb amounts. I'm not sure of the cost -- the price list seems to contain an error. I'll double check, but it looks like you pay $4.10 for a 1 lb jar, or $7.78 for a 2 lb jar. Each jar also requires a $0.25 deposit.

    Shannon and Katja, what amounts of each item are you interested in?

    Also, I replied to Heather's question about the mallet-style nutcracker by email ages ago, but if any of you were wondering, it is homemade. Our friend Kevin makes them, and if you're interested, I'm sure he would either teach folks how to make them or make one for you for a fair price.

    Thanks to all of you for posting about your orders! It really helps for me to have some time to figure out how to coordinate sharing of items and answer questions about Hummingbird policy. Thanks!

  5. Here are the items Leslie is interested in, copied from her email:

    approx. 10 lbs. og olive oil (split with someone...)
    25 lbs. og brown basmati rice
    a 5 gal. bucket
    2lbs, og unrefined coconut oil
    2.5 - 5 lbs. og raw almonds (split?)

    Leslie and Katja, would you two be interested in splitting the olive oil?

  6. Does anyone want to split 30 lbs of raisons? if not, i will take 5 lbs of flame jumbo raisons.
    25 lbs of cannelini beans
    one 3 lb bucket
    2 jars of almond butter ( i couldn't find the jar sizes on the price sheet, but i know they have them)
    5 lbs mango fillets (yes!!!)

  7. Dana is also interested in splitting olive oil, too. Leslie, Dana, and Katja, are you going to split?

  8. Krista emailed me to place her order: 4 1 lb jars of coconut oil.

  9. Here's my order:

    - 5 lb. og hazelnuts in shell
    - 2.5 lb.og raw whole almonds (will split with leslie)
    - 2.5 -5 lb. og mango fillets (shannon, wanna share then get more next month when it's 8% off?)