Friday, May 14, 2010

Hummingbird Order, Next Meeting?

Hi, Mamas:

Are we planning to get together on the 22nd? We could meet at my house, or mix things up.

If we're going to meet next week, we might want to think about Hummingbird orders. You can post about items you're interested in getting in the comments.

I hope all is well with you!


  1. We'd like to get olive oil again. We might go in on beans again, too. We're also going to order a 50 lb bag of OG hard red winter wheat berries from Azure Standard.

    Also, I'm considering ordering some grains to mix an OG chicken feed. Anyone interested in talking more about sharing an order for chicken grain?

  2. I am interested in sharing quinoa (anyone?), honey, raisins, coconut oil.

    Aaron is gone camping this weekend, so I can't make the 22nd. I would like to offer an outdoor meeting in my garden for June if you all are up for it. Any of the first three Saturdays could work. Perhaps strawberry shortcake if the early berries are on?...

  3. ohh, strawberry shortcake! i'm there! as far the meeting goes, i can skip, or meet up. i have nothing planned but this for the 22nd, but understand if people want to pass due to lack of a big presence. for the order, i am interested in:
    maple syrup
    mango fillets (if in)
    anybody up for almond butter?

    also picked up this great book by sara pitzer on growing your own grains "home grown whole grains: grow, harvest & cook wheat, barley, oats, rice, corn & more". it's got great recipes and wisdom on growing grains. and nikki mcclure art work ;)

    and one more thing, my csa, wintergreen farm, still has room if any are interested. starting june 9th, there will be a farmers market every wednesday at 3pm-7pm at 18th and polk. yeah!

  4. So fun to see Amy and Shannon tonight at Cozmic Pizza. Alder is tired from all the running around and laughing!

    I would like to order:

    OG white quinoa, split 25lb. bag with Shannon

    OG unrefined coconut oil, 2lb.

    Wildflower honey, 2.5 gal jug

    could I get 5lb. raisins? I only see 30 lb.

    I'll pass on the Almonds this month.Maybe next.

    Will we meet on Friday?

    Thank you Amy for ordering for us!