Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Hummingbird Order

Hey mamas...please write below what you are interested in, order number and quantity please. Thanks!!


  1. Here's my Sept. order with interest in sharing some items:

    2.5 - 5 lbs. OG raisins, Thompson seedless (F345)

    12.5 - 25 lbs. OG Pinto Bean (L135)

    1 gal. All-Purp. Bio-Kleen (M100)

    2.5 - 5 lbs. Og Filberts, shelled jumbo (N180)

    split 1 gal. OG Maple Syrup with someone? I can't afford the whole gal
    That's it. Any one want to share? I'll check the blog or ya can call me...
    I hope everyones enjoying the rain and harvests.

  2. Hello Everyone,

    I'd be interested in splitting any of the following:

    2 lbs OG dried Oregon cranberries (F157)

    OG Black beans local, Noti (??) (L106) 25 lbs is WAY too much for me, so I'll wait until multiple others are interested.

    OG French Green (Du Puy??) lentils (L156); again, 25 lbs is too much for me, but would like to share.

    Leslie, I'd like to go in on the Maple Syrup and also the OG filberts if you're interested in sharing those.

    That does it for me. Many thanks.

    Hoping you all are well,