Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oregon Small Farmer's Auction

Max, Oliver, and I recently went to the Small Farmer's Auction in Madras for a couple of days. It was amazing! Anyone interested in gardening, horses, or farming with horses would love this event. There is free camping on site, and the people we reconnected with or met are just the salt of the earth. (Someone overheard Max tell me that he was thirsty, and while we were searching for an elusive drinking fountain, a couple brought us cold drinks from their cooler. People were giving out free wagon rides to tired folks walking to the parking lot, sharing gardening tips, etc.)

We got information about using horses to cultivate our soil, chatted with the friendly farmers from Lonesome Whistle, and played in all the old-fashioned farming equipment and restored wagons and buggies for sale. There was a draft horse plowing contest that kicked off the event on Wednesday that has left a huge impression on Max. He's been feeding his imaginary team of 8 draft horses at the table and letting them in and out of the front door all week! Here's a link with more information about the Small Farmer's Journal (the publication that puts on the event), in case you're interested in joining us next year or know someone else who might be. The Small Farmer's Journal is also a great resource for large-scale gardeners. They have some great titles in their bookstore.

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