Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chocolate Tasting, Hummingbird Orders

Hope you've all been well! What do you all think about having a simple chocolate tasting at our next gathering? Some of us could bring a chocolate bar, some of us could bring wine, and someone could bring a tea or other non-boozy option.

Also, what are folks planning to order from Hummingbird this time?


  1. I never turn down chocolate tasting!

    I'm thinking of ordering sugar for kombucha (unless someone can suggest a better ingredient for this purpose). Beyond that, I'm not sure I need anything, though I do remember talking with folks about things we could go in on this month that we held off on last month (but don't remember what).

    If anyone needs a good all purpose cleaner, I love the Bio-Kleen All Purpose cleaner. I dilute it in a foam hand soap pump for the bathroom and use it full strength as a dish soap. Nice light fragrance, good cleanser.

  2. Chocolate sounds great!! I have to leave the gathering early to help out a friend on Sat. but can't wait to see you all.

    I'm interested in what others are ordering...I would be happy to go in on quinoa, some type of rice, some beans....thinking about bio-kleen (thanks for the description Heather)

  3. I won't be able to join you all again this month, darn! I will put next months meeting on my calender and prioritize it! I need some Mama time, too!
    I would like to order some from Hummingbird. Here's what I would like:
    Pinto beans (Krista do you want to share the bag?)
    1 gal. Bio-Kleen All Purpose
    a 5 gal bucket
    I'm interested in sharing (now or later):
    olive oil

  4. Sounds delicious! I'll definately bring some chocolate. Does anyone enjoy Inka late night with some chocolate? mmm
    As far as hummingbird goes, we don't need anything. However, a friend was interested in rice. I'll get in touch with her and bring that info. Can;t wait to see you all - will miss you leslie! and yay for alder going to the hazelwood next year! i'm sure he'll thrive there!

  5. hmm . . . my post is not here? this is strange. i'm interested in getting some oats - anyone want to sell me some from their stash? i, too, need olive oil, leslie. krista, i'm in to splitting a bag of quinoa. i'm ordering more filberts, but i'll most likely take 5 lbs. for myself. how were the almonds that were ordered? thinking about some of those, too. heather, i'll split the sugar with you - hopefully another person might want to get in on it, too . . . 55 lbs. is a lot of sugar! i need to review the list for additional items - more later. amy

  6. Amy, since I can't come I would like to suggest more on the olive oil here. How about splitting 20lbs. OG Olive oil at $32 each?
    Sound good?

  7. Amy and Heather, I'll buy 5 lbs of sugar from your batch. Amy, you could buy some oats from me, depending upon the quantity that you need.

    Also, I wanted to let you folks know that I found a cheaper source for the very same OG Grain Millers thick rolled oats. Capella offers the 50 lb bags for $42.75, or $0.85/lb. You save $7.75 off the Hummingbird price. (Anytime you buy a wholesale quantity, Capella gives you 10% off their bulk foods price.) Do you think that Hummingbird would match that price for future orders?

    Also, you mamas should know that my back was out several days this week. So far, I'm feeling heaps better today (thanks to my husband and his awesome massages!), but if I'm not feeling well, we might need a plan B. Heather offered to come a little early and help me get ready, or we could meet at a restaurant or something. I'll send out some emails and phone calls Friday night if I'm not feeling well.

  8. One more thing: I am looking for some fresh OG greens (carrot tops, radish tops, dandelions, etc.) to feed my baby chicks. If anyone has some greens they're not planning to eat and they'd like to bring them Saturday, the babies would love them!

  9. i'll see what i can pull together for the chicks, emily. i hope you are feeling better by saturday! if not, plan b is fine with me. perugino worked well for our first meeting .. . wonder if they would mind if we bring our chocolate! 5 lbs. of oats would be good, emily, if you can spare. thanks for the tip on capella and bulk ordering. i can check with hummingbird to see if they will price match. leslie, let's split the olive oil, as you suggested. thanks everyone! oh, and my friend rebecca is planning to join us, too - just an FYI.

  10. Sorry I can't join you all. I'm up in Portland and I just want to reiterate my Hummingbird order for clarity. I would like:
    L135 OG Pinto Beans 25lb. $28.25
    M100 All purp. Bio-Kleen 1 gal. $14.50
    M145 5 gal. bucket $3
    O135 OG Olive oil 20lbs split with Amy $32

    Looks like my total is $77.75.
    Let me know if that's correct and if I can get that cash to you Amy!
    Happy chocolate tasting!

  11. Hi mamas-

    Leslie do you want to split the pintos? That would work for me. I would also like to buy some sugar from you ladies if that works and perhaps get in on the olive oil. I could also wait for the next order....

    Can't wait to see you all!