Friday, March 25, 2011

Ben's Friday Pancakes

Hi Mamas.

These soaked grain pancakes have been a real hit around here lately. I find them divine with a thin spread of hazelnut butter, S prefers his plain, and R has gone the maple syrup route. We also like them with some whole yogurt sweetened with homemade jam or maple.

I'll link to the recipe below. There is an option of soaking in either milk or a yogurt/ water combo. I haven't tried the yogurt. We preferred them when I soaked in almond milk over cow milk.

Also the recipe says to blend until smooth-- don't overdo it. When it pours a bit thick it cooks up into nicely formed cakes and has a slightly chewy texture that hits the spot.

Oh, as for the sugar I used coconut sugar crystals I happened to have picked up. I couldn't promise this is what made them so divine but I couldn't say otherwise...


  1. A belated thank-you for posting these recipes, Heather! I love nutty, grain-filled pancakes.

  2. this is so yummy! our whole family really enjoyed these healthy cakes and cara didn't even notice the difference in ingredients. top with yogurt and berries and yumm yumm yumm.