Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Easy Winter Salad-- Dinosaur Kale!

We love this super easy winter salad with avos and Lacinato/ Italian kale (fondly known by our little guy as Dinosaur kale).

- Make dressing from equal parts olive oil, lemon juice, and tamari.
- Pour dressing over kale pieces and thinly sliced red onion and let sit while you prepare the rest of dinner.
- Add chunks of avocado and enjoy.

P.S. Pairs nicely with tomato-lentil soup or roast chicken and a grain.


  1. My boys' interest in salad has flagged recently. The yummy avo and speedy assembly for this salad make me think it could work for us, though.

    Thanks for reviving the recipe blog, Heather!

  2. So happy to have this blog as a resource again!! Thanks Heather. As always, looking forward to the next inspiration from you mamas