Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August Hummingbird Orders

Hi all! Post in the comments section below about your plans/thoughts for the August order. Thanks for including specific item info (ex: raw OG whole almonds) and a specific amount for each item (or range of amounts if you're hoping to split something).



  1. We are planning to order:

    -- 50 lbs OG oats, thick rolled Grain Millers

    -- 5-10 lbs OG filberts, shelled jumbo

    Anyone interested in splitting 25 lbs of filberts?

  2. fliberts 5-10 lbs. - let's see if anyone else is interested and maybe we can all split the 25 lbs.

    OG mung beans (split variety) - would like to split the 25 lb. quantity with 1 or more ladies

    quinoa - would like to split the 25 lb. quantity with 1 or more ladies

    honey of some quantity

    mango fillets (on sale this month) 2.5 - 5 lbs.

    walnuts 2.5 - 5 lbs.

    virgin coconut oil 1, 2 lb. jar

    almond butter 2 jars

    tahini, roasted (on sale) 3 jars

    thanks for coordinating emily ;)

  3. P.S. I am happy to provide the item numbers, as well, just don't have them in front of me at the moment.

  4. hi all,
    i just placed an order for a friend, which is over $150. just letting everyone know the pressure if off for meeting our monthly minimum. i do have items (listed above) that i'm interested in, so let me know if you'd like to split anything.
    thanks y'all!

  5. Hi mamas!
    Thanks for the info Amy.
    It is a tight month for us and we are quite content eating out of the garden.

    Enjoy the sunshine!!

  6. hey mamas,
    i'd like to order 5lbs of mango fillets. and that is it...hoping the sun is keeping you busy!!! xxx

  7. Cindy's order:

    Split 25 lbs of OG jumbo filberts with Amy and Emily.

    Sound good, Amy?

  8. so, that's 8.33/lb. of filberts each . . . that works for me.

    also, since no one has responded on the beans or quinoa, let's not order those at this time. in fact, i will only order the filberts, the one 2-lb. jar of coconut oil, 2 jars of toasted tahini, and 1/2 gallon of olive oil - $15 (a new size that they are selling). thank you, emily!

  9. Hi all!

    I would like to order 15 - 30 lbs. bulk wildflower honey. Amy do you want to split with me.
    Also, 2.5 lbs OG dried mango. Amy, again you mentioned this in your first post. Interested?

    The yellow plums in my garden are ripe on the shadier side of the tree. I'm thinking of making plum wine. If any of you would like more, come and pick!


  10. Hello!

    - bulk wildflower honey (either B123 30 lbs, split with Leslie, or B128 45 lbs, split with Leslie and Amy, if she's interested)

    - SW 166 Organic Sugar, evaporated cane juice for kombucha making: ONLY IF SOMEONE WANTS TO SHARE? If not, I'll buy in bulk at a store. Unless they'll give me 10-20 lb, but I don't think they divide sugar?

    - F275 OG Mango Fillets, 5 lbs.

    - S121 OG Maple Syrup ONLY IF ANYONE WANTS TO SHARE a 1 gallon jug? Or if anyone wants to share next month, I have a quart left and can wait

    - N135 2 jars Almond Butter

    Emily, please email or call with questions. Thanks, Leslie, for the delicious plums! Sylvan already delved into our frozen stash with breakfast this morning. HUGS to all!!

  11. heather and leslie,
    i need to see how the finances are shaking out for the family before i commit to honey and sugar . . . i should know something later today and will contact you, by post to the blog, email, phone. i do need both honey and sugar at this time for all of the kombucha making that is ongoing. heather, not sure i need 27.5 lbs of sugar all at once?! any other takers on sugar. also, would you guys be into splitting the 30 lb. honey for $22/each? i honestly have no idea how much honey that would be, and am guessing that we need to get thed 45 lb. quantity to make it worthwhile . . . any comments on that? thanks, loves! amy

  12. A quart of honey is about 3 pounds so 30 lb. would be 10 quarts. and 45 lb. would be 15 quarts. Leslie said she wanted 15-30 lb. herself. How about we share the 45 lb but don't have to split it evenly? Leslie and I can get more.

    As for sugar, just let me know. I use 2.5 cups per batch of kombucha, which is frequent during the heat of the summer but should be slowing down here soon. 2.5 cups is a little over a pound. 27.5 lb is a LOT but it stores fine. I definitely don't need 55 lb so if you don't want to share I'll get it at the store.

    Emily, I talked to Shannon and she and I (and maybe others) will share maple syrup next month so we can wait on that one.


  13. ok, let's work out some kind of split on the honey. let me think on sugar some more and i'll post on it later today or this evening.

    leslie, i'm thinking on mangos - splitting the 5 lbs. with you - will let you know on the blog later today/this evening. thanks gals!

  14. i need to wait on sugar and mangoes. emily, i will send item #s tomorrow. thanks. amy

  15. If no one else wants to split dried mangos with me then I will buy 5 lbs. That and splitting up the 45 lbs. bulk wildflower honey with Heather and Amy should do it for me.
    Alder's (and Cara's) school has a potluck Fri. 27th at 4:30. Could be tricky for me to make the pickup. Will it be that Friday? I could offer my house Thurs. or Sat....

  16. Hi all,

    This month, we have some family members joining in on our order. We would like:

    one 25 lb bag short grain brown rice
    one 25 lb bag Noti black beans
    one 32 oz jar coconut oil
    two 5 lb bags dried mango (fillets if possible)
    two 5 lb bag dried cherries (transitional if possible; one bag if OG)

    Thank you ever so much!

  17. Katja's order:

    We are in need of:

    - Organic Vinegar, Apple Cider, raw, unfiltered (in glass jug) CA 1 gal. 8.00 $8.00 $1.50

    - G130 OG Oats, thick rolled, Grain Millers USA 50 lb 0.79 $39.50

    - L140 OG Bean, Small Red USA 25 lb 1.25 $31.25

    - 165 OG Pea, Green Split USA 25 lb 0.80 $20.00

    - SD116 OG Buckwheat, SproutingUSA/CAN 5lb1.48$7.40

    - G116 OG Wheat Berries, Soft White , Stalford Farms LOCAL OREGON 25 lb 1.10 $27.50

    for sharing :

    CO210 OG Tamari, San-J, wheat-free (could split with one or two mamas)

    O175 OG Sesame, Toasted Mexico 20 lb 3.60 $72.00 $3.00 (could split with two or three mamas)

  18. hi emily,
    here are my items #s:

    B128 45 lbs honey, split with Leslie and Heather
    N180 25 lbs filberts, split with Emily and Cindy **ON SALE THIS MONTH**
    O219 2 lb jar of coconut oil, quantity 1
    O131 1/2 gallon olive oil ($15 - new item they are offering)
    SD191 1 lb. jar of toasted tahini, quantity 2 **ON SALE THIS MONTH**

    thanks, amy

  19. ladies,
    we received this notice from hummingbird regarding 1/2 gallon jugs of maple syrup and olive oil, as well as biodynamic blackberry vineagar. please see below. thanks, amy

    Greetings Friends of Hummingbird!

    I hope this email finds you healthy and smiling! There is a new item that we are very excited about and would love to bring to your attention!

    Local Biodynamic/ Organic Raw Unfiltered Blackberry Vinegar arrived a couple of days ago and has stood up to our quality and taste testings. The berries are harvested and then fermented in oak barrels right on the farm in Philomath. Currently, we can only offer this product in 5 ounce bottles, but we are hoping to provide it in bulk quantities in the next two months or so. Local pricing for this product is $4.09 per bottle. Please contact me if you would like more information about this new product or Biodynamic practices in general.

    Secondly, I would like to bring to your attention that we are now selling our Olive Oil and Maple Syrup in 1/2 gallon jugs instead of the 1 gallon jugs, however the deposit will remain the same $1.50. You may have heard that we stopped selling these items in 1 gallon jugs due to them breaking- we are hoping that using 1/2 gallon jugs alleviates this problem. The item number for the Olive Oil is O131 and is locally priced at $15. The item number for the Maple Syrup is S122 and is locally priced at $31.69. Please make sure to refrigerate your maple syrup to avoid fermentation, as this is a factor in the jugs breaking.